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Skydiving over the Mojave Desert

A Call to Action

By Published: November 21, 2023Attractions

Adrenaline junkies, dare devils, and thrill seekers eager to tackle another bucket list item? Look no further than Las Vegas—our adult playground features an action-packed agenda of choose your own adventure activities guaranteed to get pulses racing and missions accomplished.

Jump for Joy: The sky’s the limit at GoJump Las Vegas, conveniently located 25 minutes from The Strip and the perfect place to feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face before freefalling 15,000 feet from above. It’s a bird’s eye view, it’s a plane called the Cessna Superman, and it’s an ideal experience for junior jumpers and skilled sky divers to enjoy the scenic surroundings of the Mojave Desert while scoring extreme sport points and parachuting to safety. gojump-the

Blaze Your Own Trail: Ride off the beaten path and into the sandstone sunset with Adrenaline ATV Tours—a great way to shift gears into four-wheel drive for visitors prepared to venture into the Valley of Fire. While you’re living life in the fast lane, keep your eyes peeled for native flora and fauna, like cacti, creosote bush, and the dueling duo of real life roadrunners and coyotes. Once you’re done and dusted with this desert excursion, we recommend a decadent dinner and a celebratory dessert.

Bite the Bullet: Swap your shot glasses for shot classes and pull the trigger on a package at The Range 702—the largest indoor shooting range in Nevada, complete with custom-engineered VIP lanes and private party suites. Next, take things outside at Machine Guns Vegas, where you’ll set your sights on exploding Tannerite targets with 25 rounds of the MP5, M4, .308 sniper rifle, AK-47, and a Barrett 50 caliber semi-automatic—beware of scattering sand and remember: you came to have fun, but you’ll leave having a blast. 





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