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Creepin IT Real

By Published: September 27, 2023Attractions

Thoughts are worth more than a penny in the dungeon that is Derry, Maine’s, depraved sewage facility. In fact, making sense of your surroundings may cost you the difference between a staycation alongside Stephen King’s spine-chilling shapeshifter, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, or the salvation of survival at Escape IT—a two-part escape room experience making haunted history.

With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, the only way out is through the 30,000 square feet of this house of horror, complete with state-of-the-art special FX, animatronics, and live actors specializing in stage fright. Use brains to piece together puzzles under pressure, brawn to outrun Pennywise’s swiftly stumbling gait, and teamwork to navigate the film’s most iconic landmarks, like the Losers’ Clubhouse and the Derry Canal Days Festival.

He follows every footstep and cackles behind every corner, so reaching the gift shops deserves celebrating with retail therapy or elevating the fear factor with Escape IT Chapter 2—a scare package guaranteed to float your boat even further from freedom.

Pick your poison as fright night ensues. Visit Escape Blair Witch, where you’ll disturb the demons of the Black Hills Forest in search of missing students or press your luck at The Official Saw Escape room and traverse the twists and turns of Jigsaw’s menacing maze.,

Carve out some time come spooky season to plot your escape, achieve next level squad ghouls, and trick-or-treat yourself to Las Vegas’ sinister escape scene—as they say, if you’ve got it, haunt it.





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