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Lesson Learned

By Published: October 12, 2023Published: November 4th, 2023Attractions

School’s out for summer, but there are plenty of strategies to stay sharp this season and these lifelike attractions are sure to teach you a lesson. Earn a gold star in history for uncovering ancient dinosaur remains, ace anatomy after reviewing the bare bones of the body, and become a history buff by sifting through King Tut’s treasures.

Dino Safari: A Walk Thru Adventure

Pack your passport to Pangea and travel back in time as a V.I.P.—very important paleontologist—to discover pterodactyls and T. rexes roaming the grounds of this walk-through scavenger hunt. Witness a wide variety of animatronic dinosaurs, visit a virtual reality of Jurassic geology, and search through the sandbox of prehistoric fossils to ponder petrified remnants. Swing by the gift shop on your wait out to score a fun-sized souvenir.

Real Bodies

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, and this exhibit demonstrates exactly how the internal structures of the body communicate, cooperate, and course correct to create our specialized species. From the visceral to the voluntary, viewers leave with a comprehensive understanding of the human condition, and the professionally preserved bodies on display demonstrate just how “life imitates art.”

Discovering King Tut’s Tomb

Take a page from Howard Carter’s history book by celebrating the 100th anniversary of his landmark discovery. On this virtual reality adventure visitors travel to the landscape of swirling sands and ancient pyramids to explore the lost tomb of Tutankhamun. Unearth golden artifacts, explore sacred burial chambers, and investigate the longest river in the world’s murky mysteries.





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