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Not All Who Wander are Lost at Area15

By Published: October 4, 2023Attractions

Time is an illusion, especially in the windowless, clockless casinos of Las Vegas and doubly so at the imaginative immersive playground situated just a hop, skip, and a ride down the rabbit hole from The Strip. Area15, a mega midway designed to tickle the fancy of all five senses, invites adventurers to experience an alternate reality of art, amusement, and activities—from axe throwing to ziplining there’s an experience for everyone, day or night.

Visitors eager to explore family-friendly exhibits enjoy visiting the Illuminarium for a sensory showcase of immersive entertainment, touring the psychedelic art house of Wink World, breaking the barriers between land and sky with rides like Haley’s Comet and LIFTOFF, and observing mindreading magic at Brainstorm. Equally entertaining expositions exist in the outdoor space, so be sure to checkout out the avant-garde accomplishments of Art Island while sipping a refreshing soda from the eclectic line up at Rocket Fizz or grabbing a beanbag and a bite from a local food truck.

When the clock strikes 9 p.m. adults call the shots, as this wonderland morphs into a merry-making mess hall for the mature. Visitors 21 and over may find themselves avenging high scores at Emporium Arcade, getting into full swing at Five Iron Golf, or dancing at a silent disco within The Sanctuary—the space’s very own bamboo volcano. Stop by Oddwood, a bar sure to stick out with its 23-foot-tall digital maple tree centerpiece, to sample a curiously crafted cocktail from the secret menu before chasing with gourmet small bites, like lobster rangoons or wagyu piggies in a blanket.

With such a diverse array of spectacles to share, be sure to check out area15’s website for cost-efficient packages, a full calendar of special events, and exciting announcements.





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