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A Flash of Inspiration

By Published: September 27, 2023Published: October 12th, 2023Entertainment

Whisky, wine, cheese, and blue jeans— some things simply get better with time, and at the top of our list? Menopause the Musical at Harrah’s Las Vegas, complete with a star-studded cast celebrating 6,500 performances and producing laugh lines and good mood swings six nights a week.

The opening scene introduces four women— a business executive, an Iowa housewife, a soap opera star, and a hippy earth mother, lingering over a lingerie sale at Bloomindale’s. While their eccentric identities seem startlingly unique, they stand in solidarity when it comes to the shared experience of their own personal summer. Up on stage the characters swap stories, share secrets, and shame this senior shift until the audience is in stiches.

Comedy ensues as these mature madams band together to lament the aging process, memoir the midlife milestone of matriarchy, and laugh off the ups and downs of menopause with parodies of pop songs from every decade. While we learn that navigating this transition period can be challenging—chocolate cravings, night sweats, and forgetfulness only scratch the surface—these relatable characters iron out the wrinkles with wit, humor, and a refreshing dose of female empowerment.

Dynamic solos, stand out soliloquies, and laugh out loud one-liners round out this memorable act, and in true Vegas fashion the entertainment value has stood the test of time. These well-preserved women deliver song, dance, sass, and sisterhood while proving age is just a number, and as the longest running musical on the Las Vegas Strip, there’s no doubt Menopause is worth the wait.





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