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Here to Slay

By Published: January 5, 2024Entertainment

He’s not from a fire breathing family and he’s a far cry from the friendly cartoon; he’s yet to guard any golden treasure or protect a princess. However, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the man, the part mythological, and the legend—Piff the Magic Dragon.

It’s not every day that a self-proclaimed America’s Got Talent “loser” earns a residency at Flamingo Las Vegas, but John van der Put’s signature brand of deadpan comedy and ruthless roasting of audience members is more than just a bag of tricks.

Despite his fame, this performer’s persona remains as intact as his costume—he puts the “Piff” in spiffy as he arrives on stage snacking with rehearsed disdain and donning his red, green, and gold garb. While quick wit, sarcasm, and impressive improv skills add gusto to his showmanship, this dragon’s talented tricks and spirited sidekicks fire up the audience from first blush.

After producing a beer out of thin air and conducting interactive card tricks, Piff shines the spotlight on his secret weapons. As the only four-legged friend who holds a key to the city and “The World’s Only Magic Performing Chihuahua,” Mr. Piffles meets the audience with wide-eyed wonder while adding softness to the stage. Plus, what’s Las Vegas production without a showgirl? Jade Simone is more than smiles and legs, she’s the bestower of Piff paraphernalia to participating audience members and the perfect brand of bubbly energy to balance out her partner’s perfunctory attitude.

From up close sleight of hand scenes to unprecedented predictions and an after-show photo op with the performers, Piff the Magic Dragon is a flawless execution of comedic magic and a roaring good time.





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