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Do You Believe in Magic?

By Published: October 4, 2023Published: November 4th, 2023Attractions

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas: summer edition, where you’ll brace for triple digit temperatures and schedule double dates with sunscreen before discovering a sanctuary of shade, an air-conditioned auditorium, and perhaps, the perfect place to stay frozen this season. Move over pools, playgrounds, and putt putt golf, there’s a new exhibit in town featuring 360 degrees of family fun—Immersive Disney Animation inside The Shops at Crystals.

Designed for Disney devotees and dabblers alike, the exhibit opens with an assortment of attractions aimed to foster animation appreciation, honoring the artists behind the brand’s timeless designs. Witness Cinderella spring from page to stage in cinematic style or survey storyboard scenes from your favorite flicks, while following a trail of pixie dust to the main event—a magical montage of movies, melodies, and memories.

Adventure abounds for friends, families, and minnie-mes who are welcomed into a whole new world by a cast of classic characters, like Peter Pan and Pinocchio, and their contemporary counterparts, Moana and Mirabel, for 90 minutes of enchanting entertainment. Disney delights with interactive, immersive elements delivered from every direction—look up from under the sea to pop bubbles with Ariel and hold onto your hats as Aladdin sweeps you off your feet for the magic carpet ride of a lifetime.

Miraculously contained under one roof, this celebration commemorates 100 years of Disney’s monumental moments— the significant sounds, malevolent forces, beloved heroes, and happily ever afters you know and love. Beat the heat, bask in nostalgia, and enjoy quality time with the kiddos, without purchasing a park hopper pass or a plane ticket? We’re in, and we’re all ears.





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