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The Star-Studded Strip

By Published: October 4, 2023Featured

It’s a hot girl summer at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas as Grammy award-winning artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Megan Thee Stallion rides into town with a new wax figure that melts the competition. Wearing a newsprint catsuit and matching cowboy hat with fingerless gloves from her “Good News” era, Meg is appropriately placed adjacent to a 10-foot magic metallic stallion.

According to MTS, you haven’t really made it until you get waxed. “I feel like people always ask me when was the moment you knew you were famous? This is the moment!,” she added. Casting Meg was no easy feat and it took a team of 20 artists approximately six months to produce two wax figures—catch Megan’s twin at Madame Tussauds New York.

Behind the scenes, more than 200 measurements were documented to ensure accuracy. Her eyes, hair, and skin were color matched from samples. Ten layers of oil-based paints were applied to the figures to create realistic skin tones. Real human hair was individually inserted into the wax, even for the statue’s eyebrows and lashes. The hair was then cut and styled to match the desired look.

The “WAP” queen inspires everyone with her music, confidence, style, and star power and now she is forever immortalized for all the world to see.





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